How to hang your Suncatcher?

Place your Suncatcher in line with the sun's rays 

To properly install your Suncatcher, place it near a window with direct sunlight so that it easily absorbs its rays.

Our ideas and tips

In a window, on the ceiling, on a plant or against a sunny wall... it will easily find its place in your home!

Install your Rayonne® Suncatcher with the suction cup

To make installation as simple as possible, all Rayonne® Suncatchers come with a suction cup to easily hang them against a window.

Sun catcher hanging from a plant

Suncatcher hanging on a shelf

Hanging ideas for a Suncatcher Our suspension systems

Find our suspension systems here : adhesive ratchet , suction cup hook , brass hook or nail . Receive your product in a complete kit to hang with ease.