rayonne suncatcher, capteur de lumière, decoration celeste et magique

The benefits of Suncatchers

The Suncatcher creates well-being for your home, it is a source of positive energy and brings softness and tranquility to your living space.
Rayonne® light sensors absorb the sun's rays thanks to their crystal and diffuse them harmoniously throughout your home: we are witnessing a rainbow festival!
You want sparkling, warm light for your living room, don't hesitate to choose our ARCHIE free-standing Suncatcher which will make your interior shine!
Rayon® Solaris Suncatcher

To do good for our body and our mind , it is important to expose ourselves to sunlight. How peaceful are you when the sun fills your living space with beautiful, soft light?

Fall for our suncatchers and bring a positive touch to your daily life. All our suncatchers are made in our workshop in France .

Rayon® Suncatcher

Hanging from a window, from the ceiling, or against a sunny wall, this magnificent decorative object will easily find its place in your home.

Rayon® Suncatcher with Crystal

Suncatcher Rayon® decoration

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