Pendules Rayonne®

How to use a pendulum?

Pendulums are divinatory tools used to elicit specific answers and explore your intuition.

Here's how to use them:

1. Prepare a calm and quiet space where you can concentrate without being disturbed.
2. Next, formulate a closed question that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. It is important that your question is specific and clear to get meaningful answers.
3. Hold the pendulum by the end of the chain and let the other end hang. Make sure your hand is stable and relaxed.
4. Breathe deeply, calm your mind...
5. And determine the basic pendulum movements for “yes” and “no”. Ask or define mentally or out loud the movement for "yes" and the movement for "no".
6. Now is the time to ask your question! Hold the pendulum over the palm of your hand or over a flat surface and ask your question out loud or mentally.
7. Observe the movements. The pendulum will begin to move autonomously and indicate the answer to your question.
8. Pendulum movements can be subtle. Learn to interpret its movements.
9. Once you have obtained the answer to your question, you can thank the pendulum, the universe, the energies... Give the name that resonates with you.

Remember that using the pendulum relies on your own intuition. Some people find the pendulum useful for exploring their intuition, while others won't feel the same connection. Be open and respectful of your own beliefs and personal experience!

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